Add Style to Your Home for Under $50 in Rhode Island

Have you been browsing home improvement magazines and blogs, lusting after all the new, fun trends? If you’re desperate to update some of the rooms in your home but don’t have the budget for big-ticket renovations, look no further than these eight projects, all under $50, that will add style and personal flair to your home.

Bathroom back-splash with wall decals

A fast and affordable way to update the look of your bathroom is to purchase back-splash wall decals. They are easy to install and inexpensive. There are tons of designs out there to choose from. Check out some of the options on, where you can purchase decals for around $12 per square foot.

Paint old flooring or use stencils

Many older homes have outdated linoleum flooring. Instead of installing all new flooring, paint over it in an interesting pattern, laying down painter’s tape as a guide. Finish with a layer of polyurethane over the floor once it’s dry to protect it. Or, you could use stencils to create a unique look. This is a cheap and easy solution to quickly update a kitchen or bathroom.

Make your own window treatments

There are lots of sources for inexpensive curtains and other window treatments, but if you’re crafty, a simple curtain is easy to construct. Pick out a fabric that you love and that will freshen up the room you’re making over. All the fabric needs now is a bottom seam and a wider seam at the top, big enough to fit through a curtain rod.

Paint kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets

It seems that new cabinet trends are always popping up. One way to keep up with the times, or just to infuse some color into your home, is to paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. It’s as easy as picking a fabulous paint color, removing all the doors on your cabinets and spending a weekend afternoon freshening them up with a new coat of paint.

Refinish old furniture

If you have old wood furniture, it’s easy to refinish it and give it a whole new look. What you’ll need: chemical stripper, sandpaper, sealer, wood stain or paint, and a clear coat. Once you strip the original finish and sand the piece of furniture, you can apply a new stain or paint it. Lots of people use white paint to get that shabby-chic effect. Lastly, apply a clear coat.

Reupholster outdated chairs or sofas

Reupholstering furniture may sound like a lot of work, but if you set aside a weekend day to do this project, you can completely transform your furniture on a serious budget. What you’ll need: staple gun, new fabric of your choice, hammer, pliers and a sewing machine (optional). Once you pick your fabric, remove the old fabric from your couch, chair, etc. Next, measure the amount of fabric you’ll need to cover the furniture and cut accordingly. Sew the fabric to fit the furniture, if necessary. You can use the original fabric as a guide. Lastly, staple the new fabric to your piece of furniture. Add any extras, such as buttons or pom-poms if it’s a pillow.

Create a wall of vintage photographs or mirrors

A great way to add flair to a room is to decorate a wall with photographs or mirrors arranged in a stylish way. If you have lots of old black-and-white family photos, frame them using frames of varying size and arrange them on the wall. You could also frame old maps, calendar pictures or even fun wrapping paper. Another popular option is to do a wall of mirrors. Rummage through flea markets to find antique mirrors in the same color scheme and hang them on one wall. This will also add depth to any room.

Paint your staircase

You won’t be able to use your upstairs for probably a full 24 hours, so plan this one ahead of time, but painting your stairs is a quick and cheap way to spice up your home. You could paint your stairs a funky color or even do zany patterns. The next time you feel inspired by a new design trend, you can repaint your stairs. Do it as many times as you like!

What are your ideas for home improvement projects that won’t break the bank?

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