6 Easy Bedroom Looks

It happens. You look around one day and think, “When did my bedroom get so blah?” In the room that almost no one sees but close family, it can be easy to give all the attention to other, more public, spaces of the home.

The good news is that you don’t have to redo the entire bedroom to give it a fresh feel. Small changes can have big impact, and you can do them yourself in a weekend or less. America House Buyers can locally direct you to great resources – ideas.


 You can completely change not just the look, but also the feel, of your bedroom with a coat of paint. But it has to be the right coat of paint. Some colors aren’t recommended for the bedroom because of the psychological affect they can have on people in the room.

“When picking your bedroom decor, don’t go off just looks – if you want to get more sleep or have more sex, that is. A survey conducted by Travelodge revealed that certain shades can stimulate or relax sleepers, and their effects last beyond nighttime,” said House Beautiful.

The hotel chain, just one of many institutions that have weighed in on the psychology of color and how it affects bedroom habits, found that:

  • “People with blue bedrooms got more sleep than any other color.”
  • Yellow “stimulates the nervous system, encouraging relaxation.”
  • Green “was the third best color palette for sleep, and 22 percent of respondents who slept in a green bedroom reported waking up feeling upbeat and positive.”
  • “People with purple bedrooms are the least rested of all, getting on average a measly five hours and 56 minutes sleep per night. The rich color is actually very mentally stimulating, making it difficult to switch off after a busy day and potentially causing vivid dreams or nightmares.”
  • Light brown had a surprisingly sexy effect on respondents. “Romantics, take note. Couples who sleep in a bedroom with caramel décor have sex three times per week on average, more than any other color.”

Knobs and pulls

You can change the whole personality of a piece, and the room, just by changing the hardware. This plain white dresser got an infusion of chic with brass rings.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at hardware. This dresser started out as a plain old IKEA Rast, and got quite the makeover.


How’s that overhead light looking? Pretty dated, you say? Swap it out for something more modern and give yourself something pretty to look up to. If you are the type who needs a fan in your bedroom but don’t want to sacrifice style, you’ll love this chandelier that incorporates fan blades.

While you’re updating your lighting, think about your side tables, too. And while you’re thinking about them, how about having a little fun with the process? Adding a little bit of whimsy, like with the Gold Geo Squirrel Accent Lamps from World Market makes things interesting in the bedroom and give you a couple of unique focal points. Even if it’s only you and your partner who ever see them, they’re bound to make you smile every time you flip the switch.


A rug in the bedroom reads “comfort” while providing another layer of décor. Don’t be afraid to lay it right down on top of your wall-to-wall carpet for a luxurious look.

Duvet cover

No need to change out all your bedding. A new duvet cover can give you a whole new look. Places like Bed Bath & Beyond and Tuesday Morning are great choices for linens. We also love the Nate Berkus Collection at Target. This Embroidered Diamond Duvet & Sham Set is super soft, super stylish, super affordable ($72 for Queen), and brings a relaxing hotel-like feel to the bedroom.

Window coverings

Nothing brings a room together quicker and easier than new drapes. It’s also a great way to introduce pattern in a space that may be devoid of it or that needs a punch of interest. These drapes draw the eye toward the windows and greenery outside, and also liven up a chaise that could have gotten lost in a sea of neutrals without the framing of the outdoor space.

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