How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring

The rich patina of wood floors adds beauty and elegance to any home. Older homes were once routinely constructed with hardwood floors, but that practice was abandoned in the 1950s, when new technologies made wall-to-wall carpeting available. Builders were able to build more homes faster, for the post-war baby boom, and save money on labor. … Continued

Hot Black Friday Deals Today

We’re still weeks from the “official” Black Friday shopping period, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on a great array of items right now. “It’s true that the biggest sales in terms of hype and deal volume won’t take place until Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, but you don’t need to wait until then … Continued

Are You Using the Right Light Bulbs?

Different types of light bulbs work best in different situations, so it can pay to double-check all your home’s light bulbs. Bulbs vary in type, wattage, the amount of light they produce, the color of light that they produce and the amount of energy they use. As with anything in life, each light bulb has … Continued

2018 Color Of The Year: A Modern Guide To Using Red

Neutrals, be gone! If Benjamin Moore has its way, interiors will be going from soft and soothing to red hot next year. The paint company’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Caliente, and the name is appropriate. The fiery red is “hot, passionate, and sexy,” said Benjamin Moore. With a hint of orange, caliente has lots … Continued

Piggy Bank for Emergency House Repairs

With home-ownership comes new responsibilities, including repair and maintenance expenses. Sooner or later, you’ll encounter a leaky faucet or a blown circuit breaker and quickly learn that keeping your household up and running is no longer as simple as a call to the landlord. Deciding how much money to spend on fixing or replacing something … Continued

Is Brass the New Stainless

  If you’ve been watching HGTV, flipping through interior design magazines, or touring model homes lately, you’ve probably seen one of today’s hottest trends for home: brass. But is this interior design flashback just a blip or should you start ditching all that chrome, nickel, and stainless? It’s true – what was once old is … Continued

Appliances Life Spans, How to Plan Replacments

If you get 10 years out of most of your home appliances, you will probably come out ahead. And your home systems should last maybe two decades. However, there are factors that will affect just how long your appliances and home systems last. On average, here’s how long you can expect most of your major … Continued

11 Must Do House Maintenance Tips

Another summer is here, and if you endured a couple seasons of harsh weather conditions, or if you have some deferred maintenance to take care of, it’s time to get started. Rain, wind, and other weather fun may have wreaked havoc with your roof, your fence, or your yard, but the “obvious” fixes are only … Continued

6 Easy Bedroom Looks

  It happens. You look around one day and think, “When did my bedroom get so blah?” In the room that almost no one sees but close family, it can be easy to give all the attention to other, more public, spaces of the home. The good news is that you don’t have to redo … Continued